I am not keeping up with the videos. Do you have a pause function while I catch up?

We now have a Pause function, where for a reduced fee of £4.99 per month you can keep access to all your videos without adding any new ones. A sort of virtual Bridge Library you can use for reference whenever you want. This may also be helpful if you have a large backlog of unwatched videos you wish to view but without getting new ones.

You will find the Pause button in the Subscriptions section of your account. Click here to go to Subscriptions. Follow the instructions there. Please note that if you subsequently Unpause your subscription, you won't be able to re-join the channel at the video number where you left off as the channels move forward, but you will be able to use our Back Catalogue to access further videos. Click here for the Back Catalogue.

Please note that you don’t have to keep up with watching the videos. on the day they are posted on our website. You can watch them entirely at your own pace. Some people like the discipline of watching every morning, but others go at a slower pace that suits them. For as long as you have a monthly subscription with us you will have unrestricted access to the videos at any time of your choosing.

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