I see you offer a daily video option or a three video a week option for how frequently I can access a new video. How does that work?

When you join BridgeCast you can choose daily videos or three videos a week (posted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). It is entirely your choice as to how many new videos you want access to each week. The videos are ultimately the same but at a different pace.

PLEASE NOTE, the daily and three a week options are separate channels and there is a gap in timing between the three a week and daily frequency options.

So for example the daily videos will always be ahead of the three a week videos. For example, at the time of writing, the daily intermediates were watching number 331 while the three a week intermediates were watching number 252. It’s important to be aware of this gap before switching as currently we don’t have the technology to avoid this. Sorry but we don’t give refunds for duplication of the videos if you decide to switch from the daily channels to the three a week channels.

The two screenshots below show you the change frequency button. You will find this by following the previous

question above, “How do I change channels?”. You can see the different video numbers (“Current Episode”) each channel is currently streaming before deciding whether to switch.

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