What if I decide I want to cancel?

We hope you won’t but you can of course cancel at any time. You will continue to receive new videos up until your next payment date but no further payments will be taken.

PLEASE NOTE that after your next billing date, in accordance with BridgeCast terms and conditions, you will no longer have access to the videos. If you want to keep accessing videos, then cancelling won't be suitable for you. Please email us for details of other options on offer at andrewrobsonbridgecast@gmail.com.

To cancel your subscription login to your account at https://andrewrobsonbridgecast.com/app/subscriptions. In the subscriptions function on the left hand side, you will be given the option below:

Click on Cancel Subscription. Please follow the instructions carefully and right to the end of the process. When you have finished, a green banner will pop up on the screen to confirm and you will be sent an email. If you have not received these it may mean you have not completed the process. Please email us and we can check you have done it.

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