Our Story

BridgeCast was launched in March 2020 as the UK entered into Lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although Andrew had been thinking for a while about a daily video service for his followers, life was too busy to get things together and find the time and space to put the idea into action.

On March 16th the UK government requested people to stop all non-essential contact to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus. Overnight, both the Andrew Robson Bridge Club, and Andrew Robson Bridge Notting Hill had to close, and all of Andrew’s numerous forthcoming charity Bridge and masterclass days around the UK had to be cancelled. Although devastating, suddenly Andrew had a bit of time on his hands.

A quick call to his colleague Nick Boss brought in the much needed technical expertise and enthusiasm. Ten days later, with invaluable help from Andrew’s wife Lorna, BridgeCast was launched on March 26th.

Hundreds of messages poured in from Andrew’s supporters forced into isolation, many of them in the older age bracket, who were desperate for Bridge whilst the country was in lockdown.

We launched BridgeCast on the Patreon platform but came to realise that for our purposes, we would need to build our own website. So we called on the services of Sebastian Jordan, who has brought all our requests together and created this website.

In the meantime, Andrew and Lorna’s daughters Hannah and Mimi joined Lorna in the BridgeCast customer support team, dealing with subscribers and their needs on a daily basis. So BridgeCast is a true family business. We were soon joined by Martin Jones who helps us with all the other important stuff like accounting, payroll, paying bills and making sure we keep things shipshape. And of course the much valued Editing team, whose job is to make the videos work.

As we move into the next stage of our development, we are excited that we now have our own website. This will enable us to offer more flexibility to our subscribers, for example slower channels for people who are busier, or just want to go at a slower pace, access to our back catalogue for people who are new to BridgeCast, and the opportunity for Beginners to start with us right from the very beginning, several times a year. We have a few other ideas up our sleeves too.

As we have evolved, we have also been keen to support a charitable organisation, in particular one which might otherwise suffer during the pandemic, and have chosen to support the mental health sector. So far this has been through MIND but watch this space for further developments.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are truly grateful for the opportunity this has given us to reach out to Andrew's followers, both existing and new.

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